Skating Parties

These parties are held during any of our public sessions and are an ideal way of celebrating the occasion in style.
The party price, for a minimum of 10 children is £10.00 per head.
This price includes admission and skate hire for the children, a birthday announcement and a hot meal and cold drink in the special party room. Additional accompanying adults are allowed free entry but must pay if they wish to skate.
A party helper is supplied to accompany the children on the ice at a cost of £9.00.

Private Ice Hire

Private ice hire is available after consultation with management at £150.00 per hour or £250.00 for 2 hours.
The cost does not include skate hire which will be charged at £2.00 per head. For the number requiring this facility.
It’s a unique opportunity to create your own party theme, be it puck chasing, broomball or fun and games on ice.

Group Bookings

Special discounted rates at £1.00 per head for groups of 20 or more are available, but should be booked in advance and paid for (excluding any deposit) in one amount.

Party Meals

Party food is included in the skating parties, but can be ordered for any of the other events at an extra cost.

How to Book

Bookings can be made in person, by phone or e-mail.
For bookings where food is provided in the cost, a £20.00 deposit (cash or visa) is required at the time of booking. For larger groups, up to £50.00 may be required to secure the booking